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We are your trusted partner in the world of international IT recruitment.

About Talentuch

With over 7 years of expertise in international IT recruitment, Talentuch is successfully closing a wide range of IT positions, specializing mostly in SAP, and Microsoft Dynamics roles. Today, our team of 15 dedicated professionals proudly serves 40+ clients. We offer flexible subscription and project-based models to cater to your unique recruitment needs.

Our results speak for themselves, with an impressive 20+ accepted offers each month and a capacity to conduct over 300 technical interviews worldwide. We've honed our expertise, and each of our team members is specializing in technical recruitment and sourcing. Our primary focus is to build a powerful team for your organization, ensuring your company's success.


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Top Global IT and Tech Recruitment Services and Talent Acquisition Agency Talentuch


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Violetta Stemasova

Top Global IT and Tech Recruitment Services and Talent Acquisition Agency Talentuch - Violetta Stemasova


Tatyana Madudina

Tatyana Madudina Talentuch

Director of HR and Operations

Svitlana Romanets

Svitlana Romanets Talentuch

Account Executive

Anna Didus

Anna Didus Talentuch

Senior Account Manager

Anastasiia Dondich

Anastasiia Dondich Talentuch

Account Manager

Nonna Stemasova

Nonna Stemasova Talentuch

Finance Manager

Katia Tymkevych

Katia Tymvkevych Talentuch

Recruitment Lead

Kate Pavuk

Kate Pavuk Talentuch

IT Recruiter

Nadiia Savchuk

Nadiia Savchuk Talentuch

IT Recruiter

Kateryna Tudan

Kathryn Moisieieva Talentuch

IT Recruiter

Oksana Hychuk

Oksana Hychuk Talentuch

IT Recruiter

Maksym Bahnii

Maksym Bahnii Talentuch

Recruitment Consultant

Yulia Zukh 

Yulia Zukh Talentuch

IT Recruiter

Daria Shymanska

Daria Shymanska Talentuch

IT Recruiter

Arina Meleshchenko

Arina Melehchenko Talentuch

Recruitment Coordinator

Yana Masia

Yana Masia Talentuch


Talentuch Clutch Awards
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