About Us

Talentuch is professional HR team supporting IT companies who are expanding operations in Eastern Europe.

We are skilled at opening, growing and maintaining Offshore Development Centers, as well as hiring, coaching and supporting remote personnel of our Clients.

Our energy and passion to development of corporate talent serve organizations in many ways. We train, teach, inspire, support businesses and professionals. Our clients are national and international IT companies, Startups, Design Studios, Recruiting agencies and Professional Services firms.

Cooperation Models

Full HR Outsourcing is for companies who prefer to fully outsource the HR function and have a repeatable service offered by a team of HR professionals.

These are our pricing options. They are based on fixed monthly fee calculated by number of employees served. 

Plans vary by contents, check more with Talentuch HR representative.

HR Expertise cooperation model is primarily for companies who already have their own HR processes and core HR team.

Use this cooperation model when you need to add more administrative hands to streamline your specific HR and operational functions. 

Our affordable rates start from 10$/hour depending on function performed and seniority of HR specialist serving your company needs.

HR Expertise is a subscription-based cooperation which is flexible and predictable. Your team will love to have extra hands on a regular basis.

HR On Demand is the best cooperation model for companies who want to get HR and Administration team for project-based assignments.

Support of Talentuch HR team is provided to core HR team or management team of our Clients. Project-based cooperation is recommended for peak business periods or during temporary absence of core HR team of our Client.

We serve various projects related to Payroll, Recruiting, Operational Budgeting, Performance Reviews, Compliance, Benefit enrollment, HRIS projects, Visa services, Office Administration and office moves etc.

Our most popular services are Recruiting in Microsoft Dynamics and Accounting and Bookkeeping in Ukraine.





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