How to switch from Office Manager to HR Manager before your company hires a full-time HR

This is such a pain when you are an Office Manager or Manager Assistant and doing many administrative duties by yourself in your small company of up to 50 people and desperately waiting for promotion or asking for an assistant but things do not go as you want to.

One day your boss wants you to find an HR person for your growing company as there are many duties that lie in another functional area, HR area. Not fair if you wanted to have this job, too! If this is not the case yet and you really want this job, act fast!

Review these steps of changing your career path. We suggest you build your own career plan as early as possible. We give you some advice how to identify the career opportunities in your company when they arise.

Step 1. Learn what HR people do. What are their duties and skills? This is your initial web research and conversations with HR professionals whom you might know. For example:

Step 2. Review your existent Job Description. Mark in Bold Red everything you do from HR area. This will be you basis for building more HR duties around your daily routine. Identify which HR tasks you can add now without loss of quality in your main duties.

Step 3. Plan your studies. Self-study is enough to learn basics of profession. I recommend to start your studies first and talk to your Manager then. This will show your seriousness and determination to be an HR. Moreover, basic understanding of the area and some HR terminology will represent you better as a young HR professional

Step 4. Prepare to talk to your Manager. This is the risky part in some companies and cultures. The best advice is that you plan your meeting well and deliver the message in a professional manner to your Manager. Not all Managers want their subordinates to change jobs. Some do, but many Managers value you at your present job where you are so good at your main tasks. If you are ready for a change, make sure you explain the Manager that you want to grow into HR. Let him/her know which steps you are planning to take to become an HR in your own company.

Step 5. If Step 4 went well and your Manager supports you in your career path, meet with your Manager again and create your new Job Description. Provide solutions who will do your old job and discuss with your Manager the best timeline of your rotation to your new job.

Step 6. Prepare to work hard. You need to study new duties, read a lot, attend seminars, search for new knowledge and implement as many good HR processes in your company as you can. Make sure you consult as needed and your Manager authorizes your activities.

Step 7. Show your progress to your Boss and get feedback if the progress is satisfactory. Ask questions what is going well and where you need to improve. This is the stage where your Manager will most likely approve hiring a replacement for you and promote you to HR position.

There are many HR people who organically grew from inside of organization from Office Managers or Assistants positions. If this is your ambition we wish you persistence and luck in getting your new job without changing your employer!