Position title
Sales Manager/Business Development Representative

We have candidates on one hand and clients on the other hand, so your job will be to generate money out of this.

Territories assigned: Europe, USA, Asia/Pacific

Technologies we work with: Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, and Salesforce

Work Process in brief:
  1. Recruiters will supply you with qualified active candidates.
  2. Business Development will supply you with leads.
  3. You will use that data to present our candidates to potential leads.
  4. You will engage our current clients to hire our candidates by presenting the candidates and booking interviews of our candidates with our current or potential clients.
  5. You will talk to new/potential clients to describe our expertise and gather job requirements.
  6. You will deliver the job requirements from the client to the recruitment team.
Your monthly KPI will be:
  • Number of discovery and sales calls conducted with new clients
  • Number of contracts signed with new clients
  • Number of candidates placed to open jobs of clients
  • Number of client interviews won

To be successful at this job, your recruitment background is very desired.


Please apply to this job if you are interested to learn more about how we do this.

About Talentuch

We are located at Terminal42 HUB creative space. You will get an inspiration, guidance and support to grow your skills on the international level. We specialize in Microsoft technologies and target most rare professionals globally.

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Employment Type
HR and Recruiting

Position: Sales Manager/Business Development Representative

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