How to get free HR advice for tech start up or IT company

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Meet our practitioner - HR professional with background in IT

Violetta is conducting consulting sessions for tech startups and IT firms. Contact her to make prior assessment and schedule your FREE sessions.

  • review existent structure and identify scope of HR needs
  • review priorities for talent acquisition, staff reduction, or outsource solutions
  • plan talent acquisition and retention activities for your business
  • identify needs for career planning and education
  • review free options for basic HR functions and get insight to get your HR questions solved
  • get support and inspiration to help boost your employees morale
Violetta Stemasova, PHR

Violetta Stemasova, PHR HR Professional, small business advisor

HR Strategy, Business development, Talent solutions

Violetta Stemasova is certified HR professional, founder of 2 startups and advisor for tech companies. Violetta holds specialist degree in economics from National Aviation University in Kiev, Ukraine and has more than 10 years of experience in IT companies managing HR and operations teams globally. Her specific areas of interest are business processes, organizational change and team development.



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