The Science of Persuasion

You can’t force someone to do what they don’t want; instead, the art of persuasion is to get them to want what you want! Watch this nice tutorial that will help you to master your persuasion skills!

Pictures used in this section were created by Robert Cialdini and Steve Martin.

Infographics on opening Microsoft Dynamics Offshore Development Center

Talentuch has started to prepare the research paper that will help our Clients in Microsoft Dynamics domain to make better decisions when considering and opening Offshore Development Centers in Eastern Europe.

The research will cover some of the following sections:

  1. How many Microsoft Dynamics specialists work in various locations by specialization
  2. Average salaries of MS professionals by experience, english language proficiency rate
  3. Sizes of countries and Microsoft Dynamics candidate pool
  4. Speed of closing Microsoft Dynamics vacancy by recruiters including full-time and contract type positions
  5. Airports and cost of travel from main locations to Offshore Development Centers in Eastern Europe.
  6. Costs of real estate including shared offices, business centers rentals
  7. Financial basics (inflation rate, currency stability, country focus and trends)
  8. Professional Profiles of potential candidate, including likes, dislikes, motivation factors, and cultural habits


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Hiring Technical Talent is all about Persistency and Branding

Do you agree on those statements?

  1. CEO should be a part of recruiting and build the employer brand.
  2. The hardest part of the technical recruiter job is to convince hiring executives to hire the candidates who passed the interviews.
  3. Technical engineers are bombarded by technical recruiters via LinkedIn and receive up to 30 mails per day.

Who are recruiting ambassadors at engineering companies, what US recruiting challenges are…. Watch the video to learn more.


Powerful advice how to engage employees to do things

How to empower your employee? Here is the formula of talking to employees or to yourself to empower to act:

  1. Do you believe you can do it?
  2. Will it work?
  3. Is it worth it?

Watch this amazing video by Scott Geller to learn more:

Pictures used in this section were created by Robert Cialdini and Steve Martin.